Welcome to The Rising Sons

WOW, we’re still reeling from possibly one of the best tournaments in  World Cup history. It was one heck of a ride for some, and a heartbreak for others.  In the end France’s 4-2 victory over Croatia on Sunday was the best World Cup final since 1982 and closed out what was a brilliant, surprise, and drama-packed tournament. We watched all the action, every game, every set piece, tackle and goal on our large screen and all the TV’s here in Rising Sons with the supporters and fans from across the globe. All together we  made a great team celebrating the skills, passion and sportsmanship of the players and whole nations – Thank you all for joining in!

Our outside TV’s have been a huge hit and with the sunshine and fantastic award winning in- house beers they’ll keep making you, our happy customers as long as the weather treats us right .

This weekend sees us heading to Townlands Carnival,  Ireland’s most up coming and growing music festival. We are the proud sponsors and have exclusive pouring  rights on beer during this event so quality (and quantity too lol) is guaranteed . Kicking off on July 20th, TLC runs for 3 days, and we’ll be showcasing four of our core beer range, and a beer brewed (Headliner) especially, and only for the festival goers. We’ve given away some weekend tickets for the festival –  congratulations to the lucky winners, we’re sure you’ll have a blast!If you’re at the Festival make sure you come and say hello and have a chat with us over the weekend .

Our 32oz (yes, nearly 2 pints ) cans have been a roaring success and  reports have it that they were seen at many a BBQ, picnic, beach and festival all over the county (and country) and indeed  many back gardens! Not available in supermarkets or off licences, we guarantee our passion goes into every single can. Available from Rising Son’s bar now, and from Cork Heritage pubs in the very near future.

Cheers! Na zdraví! Santé! Salud! Saluti! Na zdrowie! Egészségére!

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