The Brewery

We brew big beers in small batches.  We craft them with love, innovation, and rock n roll.

We are immensely humbled to be brewing in our native city of Cork, and indeed on the historic Cornmarket Street in Cork’s Old Town. Our building was once the famous Guy and Co printers, who at one time printed all the cheque books in Ireland. We shall soon be brewing a pils in memory of those who worked on this site; without any sense of irony it shall be called Bouncing Czech .

The march of globalisation is slowing down. An unforeseen consequence of this has been the demand for artisan produce by both local and visiting customers alike. It is in this spirit that we welcome change but embrace tradition.

Our pub serves in-house brews and beers from other local breweries. We serve the finest pizzas, we bring you the best in live sporting events on Cork’s largest screen. Check out our Facebook & Twitter for regular updates on entertainment . Most of all we will bring you the best beer, brilliant beer. We hope you like it

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